Household flowers, especially of tropical origin, are not always able to “tame” the indoor conditions. Before you buy them, you need to find out all the conditions for comfortable maintenance. And if you can create such conditions, then with pleasure get a flower.

Bougainville ( на англ. яз.)

Bougainville Beauty is from the tropics of South America (Brazil). Many consider her «capricious.» They have been living with me for more than 5 years, yes, for two years they have not bloomed with me. I has three pink colors, two white, lilac and peach tint

Bougainville ( на англ. яз.)

I read that it should not be transplanted annually, so I did. The next year did not bloom, in the spring I decided to transplant. When I took out the flowers from the pot, I was horrified: there was no land at all, there were only roots, but healthy. I took a pot little more than it was, took the earth for flowering plants. In the spring of bougainvillea, not all bloomed again. Autumn, when the nights became cold, I put them on the balcony, 12+ degrees.

Three weeks later, “Beauty” bloomed, four bushes at once. It's January, and they are still blooming. These are miracles.

In the summer they like a lot of sun, they can’t tolerate +30 degrees poorly.

Bougainville ( на англ. яз.)

Watering: in summer, ground feed should always be important. In winter, watering is reduced.

The plant is very hardy, if watering is intermittent, the leaves immediately wither and fall off. It seems that the bougainvillea has died, but no, with the resumption of watering, it comes to life and stuffs new leaves. But you need to be careful not to allow this, then flowering will be regular. (ссылка твоя). I already wrote about bougainvillea, you can find this link.

Bougainville ( на англ. яз.)

Tip: After flowering, cut off the ends of the stems, reduce watering, transfer to a cold place. From the end of February, watering can be increased, and by the end of March, transfer to a warm and very bright room. Be sure to cut the ends again to the height you need. During the winter, the plant is strongly stretch.

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