Полюбите орхидею- комнатное растение (на анг.яз)

Temperature in the summer at home, no more than 20-22 degrees is desirable. In winter — 17-18 degrees. They gave me two types of orchids. Pleased with their branch for about three months. Blossom formed and began to wait when they bloom again.

Should have been picking up buds in late autumn, closer to winter. But not for this, nor for the next year, they did not bloom. They stood on my balcony, below which was heating. I carried them into a cold room where there was no heater. The room was about +18 degrees. After that, they pleased me, one flower appeared peduncle, and the other three !!! The orchid has two homelands: Africa and Asia.

Полюбите орхидею- комнатное растение (на анг.яз)

I’ll talk about some types of orchids next time. If you are interested, write to my site. If you have information, I will be happy to read it.

Полюбите орхидею- комнатное растение (на анг.яз)

You have purchased an orchid and it has a healthy, beautiful appearance, do not rush to transplant. This must be done after 2-3 years, when the pot begins to squeeze it. You can multiply division during transplantation, leaving at least 2-3 shoots in each part.

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