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Digitalis is a home plant.

If you want to see your summer house in flowers, but there is not enough time for the annual sowing of planting material and growing it. Digitalis will help you, it is often planted as a two-year-old plant, but this plant can grow in your place over the course of several years.

An unpretentious, beautifully flowering plant will delight with its decorative effect.

НАПЕРСТЯНКА  домашнее растение (англ. яз)

Digitalis is romantically called the flower of a forest elf and fairies. Originally from Europe and Asia

And its inflorescences consist of many flowers, they resemble a bell in shape. On a long (up to 80 cm) inflorescence, the flowers begin to open from below and gradually reach the very top. A large rosette of leaves covers the soil in spring and autumn, and a powerful stem pleases with flowers of white, pink, red color. After flowering, the peduncle is removed, and a beautiful rosette of leaves will be an ornament in itself.

НАПЕРСТЯНКА  домашнее растение (англ. яз)


Digitalis is planted in sunny or dark places. Set under the crown of trees or next to the cutter, they look great in single and group plantings.

Digitalis is not afraid of frost, but can be covered in autumn with fallen leaves. Even if you do not water a digitalis on time, it will patiently wait when you remember about it. To the soil is not demanding.

НАПЕРСТЯНКА  домашнее растение (англ. яз)


Digitalis is propagated by seeds. The seeds are very small, so they are not deeply embedded, lightly sprinkled with sand, then covered, but carefully watered. In winter, you can cover the plants with leaves. In the year of sowing, the plants form a basal rosette of light green leaves. In the second year, a straight erect stalk grows in height from 60 — 150 cm tall.

It blooms from June to September.


НАПЕРСТЯНКА  домашнее растение (англ. яз)

Digitalis is a beautiful plant, but you need to know that it is poisonous. So you need to plant this beauty away from playgrounds and away from paths.

However, digitalis is a medicinal plant (used in the wholesale industry), but it is not recommended to prepare medicinal solutions on your own, since it is difficult to guess the right dosage.

It is also a valuable honey plant.

For a good mood: When leaving for another month, mother asked her son to water the flowers every three days. The monthly rainfall fell on the flowers 10 minutes before her return.

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