Salpiglossis is a home plant.

Fashion is an interesting phenomenon. It exerts its influence not only on things or the interior, but also on plants. To decorate your personal plot or cottage with an exatic plant — there are enough who wish. No, we are not against our favorite plants without which we cannot imagine our summer. I would like to diversify, improve the place of our family leisure. Therefore, we are looking for something new in the catalogs, but it is not always possible to buy something that deserves attention.

Recently I learned about salpiglossis a home plant that will definitely not leave you indifferent. Perhaps it will take not the last place in your heart. Look at this beauty!

САЛЬПИГЛОССИС - домашнее растение

True, these flowers are incomparable! There is a legend that somehow, the artist revived this plant and now it can please us with its flowering.

Velvety flowers of salpiglossis come in blue, brown, violet, chrome, yellow, red and very spectacular shades. And each flower is decorated with original drawings or golden streaks, the sizes in diameter reach from 5 to 8 centimeters.

Salpiglossis is a home plant.

Salpiglossis sinuata belongs to the nightshade family. Originally from Chile.

Sowing seeds for seedlings is possible from late February to mid-March in moist soil. The seeds are small, they can not be planted deep underground, you need to press the seeds to the surface. Cover with glass or plastic — the greenhouse effect. In two weeks sprouts will appear. Do not immediately remove the shelter, you need to let the shoots grow stronger.

Сальпиглоссис  домашнее растение на англ. языке

Dive at a distance of 20 -25 centimeters from each other or immediately place in separate pots. The fact is that this plant tolerates the transplant very poorly, so it is better to move it to a permanent place, so we will not damage the root system.

At minus temperatures, salpiglossis can die, you need to wait until the cold passes and you can begin to land, between the holes we maintain a distance of 25 — 30 centimeters.

During the transplantation, pinch the plant to get lush bushes, and hence plentiful flowering.

Сальпиглоссис  домашнее растение на англ. языке


In summer it is watered daily — in the morning, in the evening, salpiglossis will be grateful for the “warm shower”. In spring and autumn, two to three waterings per week will be sufficient. At the same time, the water used is well-maintained and warm. It responds poorly to drought and water overflow.

During the growing season during irrigation, once every two weeks add mineral fertilizer for beautifully flowering plants.

Сальпиглоссис  домашнее растение на англ. языке


These plants look interesting in group plantings. And also they can be surrounded by stunted marigolds or plain amorousness, alissum.

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