Перевод — Витоса Скворцова


Home flower — Clerodendum belongs to the Volcameria family, it has about 400 species of beautifully flowering, decorative — deciduous, ever — green and deciduous trees and shrubs, among them there are lianas.

ДЕРЕВО СУДЬБЫ" домашний цветок

Five years ago, they gave me a stalk, they said that they did not remember the name, but the plant is very beautiful. There was not a single leaf on the handle, but the roots were already overgrown. And after a couple of days I planted this cutting in the ground. There were no indications regarding the land. Planted in the ground for indoor plants. Large pointed leaves appeared, the bush began to grow, it turned out to be curly, in the spring it trimmed and gave a neat shape. At the next watering, I found white swollen cups, consisting of five sepals. After a while, a bright red rim on a long tube broke through the calyx. Then a pistil and five stamens appeared. And the stamens are also curled with excellent curls.

TREE OF FATE (Дерево судьбы - домашний цветок на англ. языке)

The twigs changed color and became snow-white with a bright red corolla, they were wonderful. Began to feed with fertilizers for beautifully flowering plants. The bush thanked with a beautiful flowering. It blooms in summer at a comfortable temperature of + 18- + 25 degrees.

TREE OF FATE (Дерево судьбы - домашний цветок на англ. языке)

Later this flower delighted everyone.

This is Thomson's clerodendrum — clerodendrum thomsonae — an evergreen, curly bush.

In translation it means “The tree of fate” or it is also called “innocent love”.

It can be grown in winter gardens and rooms; in the summer, as they say in the literature, you can take it outside. Even when the corollas fall off, the tubercles retain their decorative effect, at the end they become purple flowers and fall off, so that the plant blooms next year, it is necessary during the dormant period, autumn — winter, to create temperature conditions of +14 +16 degrees.

TREE OF FATE (Дерево судьбы - домашний цветок на англ. языке)

In summer, the soil in the pot should be constantly moist. In this case, there must be good drainage. As soon as I forgot to water on time, the leaves did not like it, they began to wither and could even fall off, but after watering was resumed, the plant was gaining foliage again. There were other plants growing near the clerodendrum, which I constantly sprayed. He loves the east and southeast windows.

In submerged conditions, cleronondrum grows in tropical Africa and Asia. Therefore, he likes high humidity. Pruning is desirable at the beginning of active growth, you can cut it, or you can grow it like a liana. At your discretion. You can propagate by planting seeds, and if you already have such a plant, then when pruning in spring, you can root it by cuttings.

It is advisable to transplant young plants annually in the spring into a slightly larger pot, adult plants are transplanted every 2-3 years.

Clerodendrum will bring a lot of positive emotions into your life!

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